Medium plan (100%)

Medium plan (100%)

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This is a monthly subscription service. You will be able to cancel your subscription any time via a portal login to be sent in your receipt email :)

Thousands of targeted followers. Gaining everyday. You do no work! It's your automated sales funnel. We do all the work, you get all the influence & sales. 

Imagine having thousands of followers. Real people. Engaging people.

Want to build your brand? Build your influence? Build your business? You need real followers who will want what you have to offer... people who'll comment/like... people who'll buy... people who'll listen.

That's where we come in. Experts in this area. You grow, you leave a review, we grow. That's our philosophy. We'll get you the growth you need for the influence/sales you desire, if not, 100% money-back guarantee!

When you have thousands of followers, you can do so much. Sell to them, influence them, work with brands and advertise for them, sell the account, sell shoutouts, the possibilities are endless. What we're saying is, the service will pay for itself if you play your cards right. We can recommend you to websites and brands to work with if you want - just message us :)

This package means you'll get the success you want FASTER. Which means all of those opportunities above SOONER.

Don't believe us? Read our reviews and testimonials!

What this package includes:

  • 100% growth (50-100 followers a day)*
  • Real, targeted followers
  • Safe and secure
  • Set it and forget it

*These are estimated values which vary depending on content and niche.

This is the real deal. Turbo charge your growth to it's maximum! Get more followers FASTER.

More and faster targeted, AUTHENTIC followers means your social proof, engagement and reach will ALL increase and you know what that means? MORE MONEY FOR YOU.

We do the work package

With our done for you research we ensure that our marketing experts will identify and find where exactly your audience is in the sea of 500 million users on Instagram. You do zero work. Our experts will handle it all for you. 

You must provide us with the content you wish to post in the time we grow your account. This will be done via email when your personal growth manager will be in contact. 

Feel free to chat with us to answer any questions or for a tailored package - we're usually quick with our responses ;)

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If we do not provide you with more than 1000 targeted followers within 30 days, you may request a full refund. Simply email us from the Contact Us page with the subject line "I deserve a refund" and our customer service team will be in touch.

NOTE: Your password and username must be provided for us to be able to work with your account. We take full control over your account to grow it. All information is held securely, our privacy policy states we may only use your account details to strictly provide our service. You can request access to your account at any point with a simple email or message on this page however our services must be stopped in the time you are on the account. Instagram does not allow for two people to be on the same account at the same time.